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The Official Teaser Trailer for my new novel Akela has arrived! Check it out below!



Akela (2019)

Ryan’s newest novel tells the story of a neurotic sea turtle who is separated from his love and spends decades traveling the world and passing through historical events in the process to reunite with her.

Tractor (2016)

Ryan’s debut novel is a love letter to Jack Kerouac novels and fifties movies. It tells the story of a quiet teen in 1960’s Oklahoma who drives across the southern USA on a tractor as part of an errand for an aging farmer.


The History of Lethbridge (2018)

A detailed history of Ryan’s hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta; charting the lawless whiskey trading days, booming coal industry, prohibition, and influence of both World Wars.

101 Most Influential Coming of Age Movies (2016)

Obsessed with coming of age movies, Ryan chooses and discusses the 101 best films that explore growing up.


The Cattle Driver (2018)

An aging cowboy’s life is changed at the turn of century when his children gift him a Model T.

Short Films

Motel Sangre (2019) (Writer)

Even The Devil Swiped Right (2015) (Writer)

Tea Time (2014) (Writer/ Producer)

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